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  • Promise FastTrak TX2000 Promise FastTrak TX2000

Promise FastTrak TX2000


FastTrak™ TX2000 from Promise raise consumer-based ATA RAID to professional levels. The FastTrak TX2000 ATA RAID card supports Ultra ATA/133 drives to rock workstations and boost small (or large) office servers like never before.

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Ready for Prime Time

FastTrak™ TX2000 from Promise raise consumer-based ATA RAID to professional levels. The FastTrak TX2000 ATA RAID card supports Ultra ATA/133 drives to rock workstations and boost small (or large) office servers like never before.

FastTrak TX2000 breaks the video/sound barrier with RAID 0 striping data speeds that easily exceed that of a single Ultra ATA/133 drive. Or use RAID 1 mirroring or 0+1 to protect valuable office data...and take advantage of fast Ultra ATA/133 transfers.

Performance, protection, and, thanks to Ultra ATA/133 drives, more economy than SCSI RAID solutions. Automatic setup and network-enabled array management software offer you the tools that enterprise professionals use…for a lot less.

Twice The Bang For Less Buck

FastTrak TX2000 Series products offer all the standard features of our classic two-channel FastTrak cards with new performance twists that leave other controllers in the dust. The 32-bit, 66MHz PCI interface is ready for motherboards that allow data transfers up to 266MB per second. The best-selling Promise BIOS with 48- bit Large LBA support instantly optimizes Ultra ATA/133 drive speeds and recognizes drive sizes exceeding 137GB each for huge array storage capacities.

Speeds Server / Desktop Storage 24 x 7

FastTrak TX2000 offers better data transfer support for Ultra ATA/133 drives under RAID 1 or RAID 0+1 than a conventional controller, while at the same time protecting user data every time you save a file. You get burst data transfers of 133MB per second for your workstation or office server. TX2000 keeps your system up and running… even if a drive fails. Plus it supports on-the-fly hot swap replacement of a failed drive to get to your data 24 x 7 for continuous PC operation.

Maximum Drive Compatibility, Speed

FastTrak TX2000 builds maximum value and reliability with its industry-leading, best-selling Ultra ATA/133 Promise chipset that’s been thoroughly tested by virtually every drive manufacturer. The onboard Promise BIOS auto-identifies and optimizes attached drives, assuring maximum throughput.

RAID Arrays For IT and Business Pros

FastTrak TX2000 continues the heritage of the Promise ATA RAID product line with optimized data handling. Built in to every FastTrak TX2000 is the BIOS-level FastBuild TM that offers both automatic and manual array setup menus. Build arrays for performance (RAID 0), or data protection (RAID 1 or RAID 0+1). Changes RAID levels, delete, or rebuild arrays quickly and easily.

Array Monitoring For Networks or Locals

Promise redesigned our powerful array monitoring software to give you even more tools that IT professionals use – in a simple-to-use, straightforward format. Promise Array Management (PAM) works locally or via network TCP/IP connection to let you or your resident MIS pro monitor array status. PAM can also be configured to send e-mail notification of errors and maintenance events. TX2000 even monitors SuperSwap™ 1000 hot swap enclosures to indicate power, temperature, and fan status*.

*With use of Promise SuperSwap ™ 1000 hot swap drive enclosures
Drive Support Supports Ultra ATA/133 drives; backward compatible with older Ultra ATA and EIDE drives
Controller Data Channels Two independent channels assure maximum performance of each attached drive
Large LBA Mode 48-bit LBA supports drive sizes greater than 137GB each
Data Transfer Rate Up to 266MB/sec (depends on drive speed and use of multiple drives and presence of 66MHz PCI bus)
RAID Levels
  • RAID 0 striping of up to 4 drives for performance
  • RAID 1 mirroring of 2 drives for fault tolerance
  • RAID 0+1 striping/mirroring of 4 drives
  • JBOD spanning of up to 4 drives for capacity
Data Protection Mirrors data to second drive or drive pair on-the-fly; offers hot spare feature for instant rebuild of failed drive for RAID 1 array; hot swap failed drive and rebuild data in background for continuous PC operation
PCI Bus Support Compatible with 66MHz PCI motherboards; automatically backward compatible with 33MHz; PCI 2.2 compliant
Disk Array Support Supports up to 4 arrays with different RAID levels; different arrays are selectable and bootable
FastBuild BIOS Auto-Menu Provides auto configuration and optimization; view/create/delete arrays; rebuilds failed disks
Promise Array Management Software Windows-based utility monitors status of arrays, hard drives, and optional Promise SuperSwap 1000 enclosures via TCP/IP; warns of drive failure; allows rebuilds of mirrored arrays; synchronization of hard drives
Advanced Monitoring Monitors S.M.A.R.T. status of attached hard drives; logs array errors and events to Windows NT/2000/XP Event Log; permits e-mail notification of errors and array events; Linux Syslog compatible
Operating Systems Compatibility Windows XP/2000/NT4/Me/9x;
Novell NetWare 4.1x/5.x; RedHat Linux 7.0/7.1/7.2;
TurboLinux Server 6.5; TurboLinux Workstation 7; SuSE Linux 7.2; OpenLinux 3.1